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Do The Thing You Think You Cannot Do

For as long as I can remember, I've had this fantasy of being a stripper. You can analyze the possible reasons forever. Maybe not enough attention as a child. Maybe being teased about being overweight in high school. Maybe wanting to show off my hard work in overcoming my issue with weight and all the bullying and struggle that went along with it. Whatever the reason, the bottom line is that comes down to feeling wanted or desired I guess. It also happens to be pretty good money most of the time.

I've still never actually stripped for money.
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Things I've Learned Working In A Bar

Working in a bar is probably one of the more unusual experiences you can ever have. Working in a gay bar is more noteworthy. Working in a gay leather bar is a reality show in itself. Beware the following will have some adult content, so if you're all prudish, take yourself to the Disney website. I've only been on the job about three weeks, but here are so my reflections about what goes on.

1. Men who work in bars, especially gay bars, and gay leather bars, form a twisted but close family

You are all there to make money. You all work in next to nothing, usually a jockstrap.
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5 Reasons To Hate Michigan (LOVE my friends though)

After three impossibly long years, we finally left the Wolverine State to return to our native Texas. I would be remiss if I didn't take time to reflect on the miserable time we've had in this state from a slightly humorous and very GAY perspective. Caveat: Despite what I'm about to say, we have made a handful of exceptionally good friends here that I will always remember and love. You KNOW who you are.

1. The Weather

Do I even have to explain this one? Winter is miserable in Michigan. Months and months and months of ice and snow. << MORE >>

The FOUR Specifics For Fitness Goal Setting

Reader Question:

      Dear Mr. Walker,

      It's obvious you work out. What is your nutritional work out? I have a couple of goals. 1) To be fit and lean by August for the 30 yr class reunion. The 2nd, to be the fittest I have ever been by the time I am 50- I have 2 yrs for that. And 3rd is to run a marathon my 50th year. Any advice on the diet would be greatly appreciated!!

      Many Thanks.

Goal setting isn't complicated, but it is necessary. << MORE >>

Do you have to get fat to put on muscle?

Reader Question:

Dear Jim,

      I have a nutrition question for you. I'm trying to put on muscle, but don't want to gain fat in the process. Is that possible? 2. How?

This is another one of those massive topics that entire books have been written about, but I'll do my best to answer the questions with simplicity.

Is it possible? Yes. It is likely, no. Gaining weight requires two things: Increasing your calorie intake above your normal consumption and the stimulus of resistance (lifting weight). The trick is balancing your intake with your stimulus. << MORE >>

Don't Let Carnival Stop The Party

The media sure enjoy hyping-up circumstances where vacations run into trouble. Maybe the headline "Vacation from Hell," is just so irresistible that they can't help themselves. Or maybe the people in TV news are so incredibly jealous of people actually enjoying their life, they can't wait to highlight the misery when something goes wrong on vacation.

By now, you know I'm talking about the problems aboard the Carnival Triumph. I have no doubt that conditions were less than stellar with many of the bathrooms not working, and without the comforts and luxury you expect on a cruise vacation. Crapping into a bag for four days doesn't sound fun, but that aside, you have food, water and the opportunity to enjoy the sun, tan, and read a book for four days in the Gulf of Mexico. They also had entertainers and opened the bar up, serving drinks free of charge. Drink enough, and you probably wouldn't care much about the problems.
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Five SILLY Reasons People Don't Like Cruises

Whenever I start talking about my love for cruises, inevitably someone who has never been on a cruise, or they went ten years ago, chimes in with some incredibly silly reason why they can't or aren't willing to cruise again. Here is my list of top five silly reasons people say they don't like cruises.

1. "I'd feel trapped on a ship for seven days"

I would too. Thankfully, you are not on the ship for seven days. On your typical seven day cruise, at least three, if not four of those days, will be in port. You'll be able to leave the ship for at least eight hours, sometimes as much as ten and twelve to go explore on land.

2. "I'd feel claustrophobic on a ship"

Really? The average cruise ship today is about 110,000 gross registered tons, with anywhere from 12 to 18 floors.
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Shouldering The Question Of Rear Delts

Reader Question:

        Hey Jim,

        What do you think the best exercises are that focus on the posterior 1/3rd of the     
        shoulders?  I'm trying to get that nice round shape but the back part of my shoulders
        lack in development.


The shoulder (also called the deltoids) is divided into three parts. The front, side, and rear (posterior). The rear delts are often neglected by many guys in their shoulder workouts, but working them is important for a well-round shoulder.

One good exercise is the bent-over dumbbell raise. Start with an extremely light dumbbell to make sure you have the form down. By light, I mean 10 or 15lbs. Turn the dumbbells so you are holding them horizontal to the body, then raise straight out to the side while you are in the bent-over position. Your arms will have a natural tendency to go back towards your body- fight this by trying to go directly out to the sides. << MORE >>

The $1 Million Dollar Question

Reader Question:

         Dear Jim,

         I do elliptical and treadmill. Do you have any other suggestions to get my belly in order?


Isn't that like the $1 million dollar question? Doesn't everyone want to know have to have six pack abs, or at least eliminate the bulge over the belt? Yes indeed, entire 600 page books have been written around this very question and the multitude of approaches to it.

There may be hundreds of pages you can write about getting leaner, but it really comes down to creating a calorie deficit. When you take in fewer calories than you burn, you lose weight. It's really is that simple.
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Doing What You Most Hate To Do

Reader Question:

       Dear Jim,

       I love working my legs . My better asset. How many sets should I do?
       Could you share your leg routine with me?


Tom, you are a rare breed because most guys- indeed most people- hate working their legs. The legs are probably the most neglected bodypart among guys because they're not the "show" muscles- unless it's summer, they don't show, and even then with today's boards shorts, more than half of the leg is typically covered.

With all of that said, if you're legs are already your "best asset," my question to you is: What is your worst bodypart? What muscle do you hate training the most? In all probability, that is the area you should be putting even more focus into.
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